Toronto Business Licences

Provider: City of Toronto, Municipal Licensing and Standards (ML&S)
Jurisdiction: City of Toronto, Province of Ontario

This dataset includes 150 thousand business licences issued by the City of Toronto, Municipal Licensing and Standards (ML&S). Municipal Licensing & Standards issues licences to various types of businesses and trades, as well as some mobile businesses in the City. Each business is registered with licence/permit category, licence number, operating name, date issued, client's name, business address, business phone number, etc.

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Business NameAddressCategoryIssued Date
Birchmount Convenience Store · 14002903 Canada Inc 582 Danforth Rd, Toronto, ON M1K 1E3Retail Store (food)2022-07-01
Thai Bowl · Mian Dao Asian Cuisine Ltd 444 Yonge St, F12, Toronto, ON M5B 2H4Retail Store (food)2022-07-01
I Love Nails and Spa · 1000168599 Ontario Inc 680 Rexdale Blvd, #24, Toronto, ON M9W 0B5Personal Services Settings2022-07-01
Kintako Sushi Japanese Restaurant · 1000218632 Ontario Inc 214 Laird Dr, #101, Toronto, ON M4G 3W4Eating Establishment2022-06-30
Atria Pharmacy · Pbg Pharmacy Inc 2187 Sheppard Ave E, Toronto, ON M2J 0E4Retail Store (food)2022-06-25
Perry's Superior Automotive Inc 114 Sinnott Rd, #5, Toronto, ON M1L 4M9Public Garage2022-06-25
World Class Auto Sales · World Class Services Corporation 57 Beverly Hills Dr, Toronto, ON M3L 1A2Public Garage2022-06-25
Domino's Pizza · 1000070385 Ontario Inc 1553 Steeles Ave E, Toronto, ON M2M 3Y7Eating Establishment2022-06-25
Hibachi · 5025106 Ontario Inc 430 Progress Ave, D11, Toronto, ON M1P 5J1Eating Establishment2022-06-25
Circle K · 13680240 Canada Inc 144-148 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M5G 1C3Retail Store (food)2022-06-24
Park Discount · Jaffer, Zulfikar 1612 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4L 1G2Retail Store (food)2022-06-24
Yoi · 2201825 Ontario Inc 1800 Sheppard Ave E, F001, Toronto, ON M2J 5A7Retail Store (food)2022-06-24
I'M A Little Hot Crab Inc 5418 Yonge St, #19, Toronto, ON M2N 5R8Retail Store (food)2022-06-24
Hicuts Salon · Medina, Juliet Infante 2480 Gerrard St E, #15a, Toronto, ON M1N 1W9Personal Services Settings2022-06-24
Nc Salon+ · Nc Plus Inc 750 Yonge St, Fl2, Toronto, ON M4Y 2B6Personal Services Settings2022-06-24
Linh Anh Vietnamese Cuisine · 13589200 Canada Inc 3290 Midland Ave, #1, Toronto, ON M1V 3Z9Eating Establishment2022-06-24
Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen · Al-Haseeb Foods Inc 3740 Midland Ave, Toronto, ON M1V 4V3Eating Establishment2022-06-24
Halibut House Fish and Chips · 13807371 Canada Inc 2550 Victoria Park Ave, #3, Toronto, ON M2J 5A9Eating Establishment2022-06-24 · Bevy Space Inc 738 Dundas St E, Toronto, ON M5A 2C3Eating Establishment2022-06-24
Burger Legend · 1000029298 Ontario Corp 1086 Islington Ave, Toronto, ON M8Z 4R9Eating Establishment2022-06-24
Juicy Birds Inc 721 Pape Ave, Toronto, ON M4K 3S8Eating Establishment2022-06-24
Church's Texas Chicken · 11897543 Canada Corp 1939 Weston Rd, Toronto, ON M9N 1W8Eating Establishment2022-06-24
Zehan's Yogurt House Co Ltd 4188 Finch Ave E, #6, Toronto, ON M1S 4T6Eating Establishment2022-06-24
Elite Construction & Renovations · J Mcdonald Group Inc 64 Ferncroft Dr, Toronto, ON M1N 2X4Building Renovator2022-06-24
Mach Plumbing Inc 73 Birchview Cres, Bolton, ON L7E 3X2Plumbing Contractor2022-06-24
2731541 Ontario Inc 259 Galbraith Blvd, Milton, ON L9T 5X9Taxicab Owner2022-06-24
Learn Safe Driving Academy Inc 1033 Pape Ave, #5, Toronto, ON M4K 3W1Driving School Operator (v)2022-06-24
Star Plus Driving School · Khan, Mir Wais 11 Monterrey Dr, Toronto, ON M9V 1S7Driving School Operator (b)2022-06-23
Donya's Pharmacy Inc 801 Sheppard Ave W, B, Toronto, ON M3H 0A8Retail Store (food)2022-06-23
Pizza Shab Northyork · 1829099 Ontario Inc 3 Byng Ave, Toronto, ON M2N 5R6Retail Store (food)2022-06-23
Tu Arepa Latina Inc 1165 St Clair Ave W, Toronto, ON M6E 1B2Retail Store (food)2022-06-23
9-Eleven Drug Mart · Daniel Shin Dar Lee Corporation 6018 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M2M 3V9Retail Store (food)2022-06-23
Gold Convenience Inc 101 Lebovic Ave, F01, Toronto, ON M1L 0J2Retail Store (food)2022-06-23
Vinci Catering & Event Planning Inc 168 The Queensway, Toronto, ON M8Y 1J3Retail Store (food)2022-06-23
Healthy Planet - East Scarborough · 2484820 Ontario Inc 3434 Lawrence Ave E, Toronto, ON M1H 1A9Retail Store (food)2022-06-23
Healthy Planet - Leaside · 2532020 Ontario Inc 95 Laird Dr, Toronto, ON M4G 3T7Retail Store (food)2022-06-23
Healthy Planet - South Scarborough · 2327878 Ontario Inc 8 Lebovic Ave, B3, Toronto, ON M1L 4V9Retail Store (food)2022-06-23
M & P Charm Nail Spa Inc 309a Jane St, Toronto, ON M6S 3Z3Personal Services Settings2022-06-23
Terminal Barber Shop · Mahrouk,Omar/Petra Avenue Ca Ltd 594 Bay St, Toronto, ON M5G 1M5Personal Services Settings2022-06-23
Dc Nails & Spa · 2494299 Ontario Inc 859 Browns Line, Toronto, ON M8W 3V7Personal Services Settings2022-06-23
Quality Laundry (greenhill) Ltd 3347 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M1L 1C7Laundry2022-06-23
Hooof Vape · 1000094558 Ontario Inc 5126 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M9A 1C2Vapour Product Retailer2022-06-23
Nothing Fancy · 789776 Ontario Inc 276 Augusta Ave, Toronto, ON M5T 2L9Eating Establishment2022-06-23
Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen · 2745280 Ontario Inc 3180 Lake Shore Blvd W, #7,7w,7e, Toronto, ON M8V 1L7Eating Establishment2022-06-23
Sp Plus Corporation Canada 47 Austin Terr, Toronto, ON M5R 1Y8Commercial Parking Lot2022-06-23
Jacs Toronto 1276 Islington Ave, Toronto, ON M9A 3J9Clothing Drop Box Location Permit2022-06-23
Jacs Toronto 171 Delhi Ave, Toronto, ON M3H 1A7Clothing Drop Box Location Permit2022-06-23
Jacs Toronto 580 Finch Ave, Toronto, ON M2R 1N7Clothing Drop Box Location Permit2022-06-23
Runner Market · Runner Distribution Inc 141 Berkeley St, Toronto, ON M5A 2X1Sidewalk Cafe2022-06-23
Zaza Espresso Bar and Gelato · 5032769 Ontario Inc 2366 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6S 1P3Sidewalk Cafe2022-06-23
Njy Metal Roof Corp 50 Melford Dr, #9, Toronto, ON M1B 3V2Building Renovator2022-06-23
Wycliffe Paving & Interlock Design Ltd 3650 Langstaff Rd, #14, Woodbridge, ON L4L 9A8Driveway Paving Contractor2022-06-23
Just Catering Foods · 2378454 Ontario Inc 33 Heather Rd, Toronto, ON M1S 2E2Retail Store (food)2022-06-22
Just Catering Foods · 2378454 Ontario Inc 15 Wallingford Rd, Toronto, ON M3A 2V1Retail Store (food)2022-06-22
Teta's Kitchen Inc 5210 Yonge St, Stall 3, Toronto, ON M2N 5P6Retail Store (food)2022-06-22
Staples Canada Ulc 517 Richmond St E, Toronto, ON M5A 1R4Retail Store (food)2022-06-22
Shing Hing Food · Southern Bill Trading Inc 4675 Steeles Ave E, #1d10-1d16, Toronto, ON M1V 4S5Retail Store (food)2022-06-22
Williams-Sonoma Canada Inc 25 The West Mall, #1394, Toronto, ON M9C 1B8Retail Store (food)2022-06-22
Kordog · Ko, Ki Young 335 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M5B 1R7Retail Store (food)2022-06-22
Popular Pizza · 1000124753 Ontario Inc 2200 Martin Grove Rd, #12, Toronto, ON M9V 5H9Retail Store (food)2022-06-22
Just Catering Foods · 2378454 Ontario Inc 50 Francine Dr, Toronto, ON M2H 2G6Retail Store (food)2022-06-22
Dessert Corner Scarborough · 13727408 Canada Ltd 318 Painted Post Dr, A, Toronto, ON M1G 2M3Retail Store (food)2022-06-22
The Suya Spot Scarborough · Foodies Corner Inc 269 Morningside Ave, Toronto, ON M1E 3G1Retail Store (food)2022-06-22
Fast Fresh Foods · 1809594 Ontario Ltd 88 Queens Quay W, Fc6, Toronto, ON M5J 0P8Retail Store (food)2022-06-22
Alminz Bakeshop · Alminz Kakanin Ontario Inc 3799 Bathurst St, Toronto, ON M3H 3N1Retail Store (food)2022-06-22
Enviiri Salon · 13638120 Canada Inc 1725 Eglinton Ave W, Toronto, ON M6E 2H4Personal Services Settings2022-06-22
Mixed Senses · 10738883 Canada Inc 592 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4K 1R1Personal Services Settings2022-06-22
Shah Auto Sales & Repairs Inc 4208 Kingston Rd, Toronto, ON M1E 2M6Public Garage2022-06-22
Umbrella Motorsports · Youkhanna, Matthew 15 Bakersfield St, Toronto, ON M3J 1Z4Public Garage2022-06-22
Zinkon Motors · Samcon Holding Inc 103 Railside Rd, #102, Toronto, ON M3A 1B2Public Garage2022-06-22
Second Cup Cafe · 12906686 Canada Inc 1881 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4S 3C4Eating Establishment2022-06-22
Second Cup Cafe · 12906686 Canada Inc 179 College St, Toronto, ON M5T 1P7Eating Establishment2022-06-22
Charlotte's Room · Meat & Pie Co Inc 212 King St W, Lower, Toronto, ON M5H 1K5Eating Establishment2022-06-22
Dotty's · Facb Culinary Inc 1588 Dupont St, Main, Toronto, ON M6P 3S6Eating Establishment2022-06-22
Second Cup Cafe · 12906686 Canada Inc 415 Spadina Rd, Toronto, ON M5P 2W3Eating Establishment2022-06-22
Delicacy Kitchen · 1000166811 Ontario Inc 2899 Dufferin St, Toronto, ON M6B 3S7Eating Establishment2022-06-22
Real Empanada Corp 281 Scarborough Rd, Toronto, ON M4E 3M9Eating Establishment2022-06-22
Il Padrino · 2836487 Ontario Inc 579 College St, Toronto, ON M6G 1B2Eating Establishment2022-06-22
Blooming Garden · 13443116 Canada Inc 1571 Sandhurst Circle, #106a, Toronto, ON M1V 1V2Eating Establishment2022-06-22
Wings 'N' Bites · 5048464 Ontario Inc 515 East Ave, Toronto, ON M1C 2X1Eating Establishment2022-06-22
Sunny's Chinese · Sunny's Kensington Inc 60 Kensington Ave, #11-14, Toronto, ON M5T 2K1Eating Establishment2022-06-22
Chinese Street Food Inc 397 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON M5T 2G6Eating Establishment2022-06-22
The Uptown Pub House · Swinson Solutions Inc 3185 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4N 2K9Eating Establishment2022-06-22
Breathless Vintage Inc 37 Kensington Ave, Toronto, ON M5T 2J8Second Hand Shop2022-06-22
Yogurty's · 2732003 Ontario Ltd 2203 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6S 1N5Sidewalk Cafe2022-06-22
Come See Me · The Concept Group Inc 656 College St, Toronto, ON M6G 1B8Sidewalk Cafe2022-06-22
Alcan Plumbing Ltd 10 Sedgewick Cir, Brampton, ON L7A 2P5Plumbing Contractor2022-06-22
F&j East York International Inc 49 Thorncliffe Park Dr, #1910, Toronto, ON M4H 1J6Toronto Taxicab Owner2022-06-22
Tina's Hope Wellness Centre Inc 387 Spadina Rd, Fl2, Toronto, ON M5P 2W1Holistic Centre2022-06-21
Kris Farm Land · Kris Trading Inc 4188 Sheppard Ave E, Toronto, ON M1S 1T3Retail Store (food)2022-06-21
Vivi Nail Art & Hair Style Inc 859 Dundas St W, Ground Fl, Toronto, ON M6J 1V6Personal Services Settings2022-06-21
Wild Wing · Western Financial Limited 1617 Wilson Ave, Toronto, ON M3L 1A5Eating Establishment2022-06-21
Joy Tea · 13539971 Canada Inc 3278 Midland Ave, D121, Toronto, ON M1V 0C9Eating Establishment2022-06-21
Toronto Don Valley Hotel & Suites · Dvp Hotel Management Inc 175 Wynford Dr, Toronto, ON M3C 1J3Eating Establishment2022-06-21
Hero Certified Burgers · 2770140 Ontario Inc 720 King St W, #150, Toronto, ON M5V 2T3Eating Establishment2022-06-21
Precise Parklink Inc 1674 Bayview Ave, Toronto, ON M4G 3C3Commercial Parking Lot2022-06-21
Knockout Fireworks Inc 2279 Kingston Rd, Toronto, ON M1N 1T8Temporary Fireworks Vendor (over 25 Kg)2022-06-21
Hamati Roofing Ltd 445 Eddystone Ave, Toronto, ON M3N 1H8Building Renovator2022-06-21
Amin Auto Mechanic Inc 1733 Wilson Ave, Toronto, ON M3L 1A7Taxicab Owner2022-06-21
Progressive Auto Repair Inc 1520 Lodestar Rd, #12, Toronto, ON M3J 3C1Tow Truck Owner2022-06-21